Patience and Chastity

Published on 17 April 2023 at 15:22

Hey, Hi, Hello! This week I finished patience and chastity, the corresponding Virtues to wrath and lust respectively.

These two were actually difficult to choose a colour scheme for. So I started with a background colour. I knew I needed a yellow since the Sins together make a rainbow. I wanted that too for the Virtues, albeit less saturated.

There has been a lot of experimenting which colours I wanted. I was thinking of orange and green or a yellow cream colour with a saturated green... I didn’t like any of them. When I thought why not simple and go for light orange with purple, and then I thought the colour scheme is practically the same as diligence, but I didn’t like any other idea I had for patience, so I just went with it.

For chastity I wanted another in a cooler colour scheme, green, blues, but not the same as humility. I wanted chastity to fit in between temperance and humility basically. The sins have warmer tones, so why not cooler ones for the virtues. 

What do you think of them?

Anyway that’s it for this week.

Thank you for reading and ‘til next time!

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